Maintenance Services

A valued service that is appreciated by our clients is our ongoing commitment to ensure that all facets of their greenhouse operation is ready for the start of the new season. A planned service maintenance schedule dramatically reduces surprise equipment failures or operational difficulties and unexpected expenses and crop failure. Since 1986 we have always made it our gold to provide follow up preventative maintenance and emergency equipment repair. Our larger clients usually schedule in services well before the crop needs to be started. It is just far easier for both ourselves and our clients to arrange for. Not having to work over and in and around the crop for simple maintenance saves a ton of time, cost and despair.

Late fall to early winter is our most busy time of the year for maintenance services and since we service all of Alberta and quite a few out of Province customers, please consider contacting us late summer or early fall to service arrangement.

Greenhouse Structures

  • Cladding Systems Replacement. By appointment and suitable lead time. For poly and polycarbonate systems.¬† Emergency cladding projects are given priority on a first come basis and we try best as possible to provide realistic time frames, schedules and costs.
  • Maintenance, validation and or repair to cladding restraint systems. Wirelock, polylock and aluminum channel systems undergo a wide range of abusive environmental conditions. These are checked for mechanical attachments to the structure, and their cladding restraint function inspected and if necessary replaced.
  • Greenhouse Vent systems. Maintenance, cleaning and lubrication and adjustments and part replacements. Vent systems undergo rigorous working conditions, stress and climate changes and if left unattended can cause very unpleasant operations.
  • Greenhouse Structure parts replacement and damages. Column to arch to gutter to trusses to door and framing and bracket refits to repair of bench systems. It is amazing what can happen during a growing season. Structural damages due to overloading and failure weather it be from weather, crop overloads or component failure. We provide support services for most popular manufactured greenhouse models and types.

Greenhouse Equipment

  • Andpro Watering Booms and most popular brands. ( Andpro Spray Rite Systems ceased operations in 2008 ). We have replacement parts and some OEM parts left in stock. We are very familiar with their equipment line. We represented their product line from 1990 to the year they stopped corporate operations and have installed a great number of their booms and service supported them.
  • Microgrow Environmental Control Systems.
  • Microcool High Pressure Fog Humidification/Cooling/Dust and Odor Control.
  • Reznor unit heaters and most major unit heaters makes.
  • Superhot heating boilers and most major hydronic heating boilers.
  • Anderson/ Dosatron and Dosmatic Injectors.
  • Irrigation /Well pumps and systems.
  • Locke gear motors and controllers.
  • VRE and Cravo Shade Systems.
  • Ridder Vent Components.
  • Most major endwall exhaust fans/shutters and HAF (fans)