Environmental Control Equipment

Controlling all facets of the greenhouse environment whether if be temperature, humidity, solar light levels, photo lighting and irrigation etc, is a daunting task indeed.

For the small hobby or back yard grower simple coil bulb t’stat and a lot of manual tending will work in most cases but as the commercial aspect is introduced greenhouse operations environmental control for conditions and aspects of DIF, vapor pressure deficit ( VPD ), soil moisture, shade curtain/black out curtains control, humidification and humidification control, multistage vent/cooling and heating control, carbon dioxide control, and soil temperature control etc. require the tasks to be maintained via complex, flexible, programmable, microprocessor/ computer based control does certainly create repeated viability of the greenhouse operation.

Since 1994 we have been actively supplying and installing Micro Grow Greenhouse Systems microprocessor/computer based environmental controls to the greenhouse industry in Western Canada and the North Western States.  Microgrow control systems cover a broad range of greenhouse controllers. Back in 1994 as consultants we quickly saw the potential that these systems would provide to the growers. They are powerful, easy to install, easy to operate, very reliable and their basic building block design allows for continual endless expansions.

Growstats Series

A series of programmable microprocessor based, stand a lone single zone and function.  This series of controllers include: ventstats, growstats, shadestats and fogstats. These are ideal controllers of the active hobby and small scale commercial grower. Now individual greenhouse control functions are available in low cost, easy to install and operate package. They are allow all levels of set points for control and provide features such as DIF and night set back etc.  24 VAC installation and operation for wiring ease and include all applicable greenhouse grade sensors and cables. For complete detail information, data sheets and manuals   visit Micro grow.


Growmate Series

This is series of single zone multifunction microprocessor based controllers.  If you think computer based greenhouse control systems are expensive, the Growmate line of products will enlighten you. The family includes the Growmate, Ventmate and the Growmate Plus.  All temperature settings can be independently adjusted for day, night or DIF. A large and informative display assists in programming, while providing a constant readout of all sensors. Manual override switches are conveniently located on the front panel. Low voltage 24 VAC operations. For complete detailed information, data sheets and manuals visit  Micro grow

Growmate Plus

  • Includes temperature sensor and photocell. An optional humidity sensor is available for accurate and true dehumidification functions.
  • Five stages of cooling and two stages of heating.
  • Air circulation output for HAF fans
  • DIF operations are standard.


  • Includes temperature sensor and photocell.
  • Three stage of cooling and two stages of heating.
  • Air circulation output for HAF fans
  • DIF functions are standard.


  • Includes temperature sensor and photocell.
  • Two sets of vents and two stages of heating. Vent operation allows up to 8 stages of vent opening and closing.
  • Air circulation output for HAF fans
  • DIF functions are standard.

Growmaster Series

The Growmaster Series of controllers feature the ability to be remotely controlled and data logged via PC computer system and Growlink software. All Growmaster series controllers though can function perfectly well with out the PC interface. In fact many growers have operated Growmasters for years with out a PC interface. The Growmaster series is represented by the Growmaster Procom and the Growmaster Growcom. All Growmaster Series are of low voltage 24 VAC operation, provide four separate daily operation modes including DIF. Programming and manual override switches are located on the front panel for ease of use. Enclosed in a Nema 12, lockable non metallic enclosure with clear cover. For further information and details visit Micro grow

Growmaster Procom

Procom, simply the best environmental computer control choice for professional commercial growers and research greenhouses worldwide.
Multizone capability controllers. Years of research and development have resulted in the Growmaster Procom being the system choice for hundreds of commercial and research greenhouse growing operations throughout the world. From a single zone of operation, to complex multiple zone applications, the Procom delivers time and time again. The Procom features “state of the art” control algorithms based on internal conditions as well as outdoor weather conditions. Each Procom unit is provided with 8 assignable I/O’s for a wide range of sensors, and 12 assignable outputs ( exandable in packets of 12 to a max of 48 ). This feature provides for endless reprogramming choices and flexible expandability as your greenhouse operation grows. Sensors include temperature, soil temperature, hot water heating sensors, light sensors, humidity sensors, carbon dioxide sensors just to name a few. Procom is indeed a very powerful and easy to install and use environmental control computer.

  • Energy saving features for commercial growers.
  • Precise automation for research applications.
  • Sensor history record and display for 30 days.
  • State of the art software and equipment operations.
  • Irrigation and misting control based on time, or soil moisture.
  • Accurate microprocessor control of your entire environment.
  • Fully expandable with additional output modules.
  • Add your PC to your Procom system for endless possibilities.
  • Companion VPD irrigation and propagation system available
  • Data Sheet
  • Manual

Grow Master – Growcom

Enjoy the same precision control of our Growmaster Procom in a single zone environment with our Growcom system. We have packed the most common environmental control equipment in use in a single zone control system. The Growcom can also be used with our Growlink Windows®-based software. A zone temperature sensor, as well as a solar sensor, come standard with the Growcom. The Growcom features four separate daily operation modes including DIF. Low voltage 24 VAC operation.

  • Use as a stand alone system, or with your PC with our Growlink system
  • 12 fixed outputs provide for cooling, air circulation, ventilation, and shading equipment
  • All heating equipment including hot water valves and boilers
  • Optional fogging, and dehumidify with humidity sensor available
  • Full alarm functions and sensor history record and display for 30 days
  • Data Sheet
  • Manual

Weather Monitoring


Protects greenhouse ventilation systems from high winds and rain damage. Each system may be used with Micro Grow controls, or as a stand alone system with other vent controls.

  • Premier microprocessor based greenhouse weather station
  • Monitors wind, speed & direction, rain, solar level, and outdoor temperatures
  • Easily combines with new and existing greenhouse equipment
  • Interfaces with Micro Grow’s custom Growlink program.
  • Data Sheet
  • Manual


Protect your roof vents from damage with the Weatherstat system. Monitors high wind speed, and rain. The Weatherstat will send safety override signals to all connected ventilation motor controls. This unit will work with virtually any vent motor control system. More than one motor control may be interconnected if desired. Automatic system reset once the inclement weather conditions have passed. May be added to any existing system.

Irrigation and Propagation Misting Controllers

A full complement of irrigation and propagation misting control systems are available from Micro Grow. Our top of the line Water Pro Control System is available in a soil moisture format, or a Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD) configuration. Being a part of the Growmaster Series of controls, the Water Pro will also connect to your PC via our Growlink program for added reports, graphs, and interaction. For other irrigation needs, we offer a basic VPD irrigation and misting system in our Water Plus unit. We also offer some feature-enhanced systems based on standard timing and time of day needs. New to our line, is our Mini Mist system, a perfect choice for one or two station outputs. All systems are 24 VAC, and work with standard irrigation and misting solenoid valves.

Water Pro VPD Irrigation and Misting

A precision VPD sensor set monitors the crop environment at all times. Zone temperature, humidity, and simulated plant leaf temperature are monitored. An exact calculation of the current Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD) level is made and accumulated. When the grower’s set targets are reached, the specific irrigation or misting station will energize. Adjustments are made constantly for changes in the crop environment. Other features include crop aging adjustments, end of schedule alarm, and night watering disable functions. Twelve stations, expandable.

  • Calculates actual water needs
  • Includes a VPD sensor set
  • Fully expandable and growlink compatible
  • Data Sheet
  • Manual

Water Pro Soil – Soil Moisture Irrigation

The Water Pro Moisture Level Control will actually read the individual soil moisture level of a crop. Irrigation commences when a particular moisture level sensor detects that the soil or media has reached a preset dryness level. Multiple input channels, and expandability are standard features. Night watering disable functions. Twelve stations, expandable.

  • Senses actual media moisture level
  • Soil tensiometer sensors
  • Fully expandable and Growlink compatible
  • Data Sheet

Water Max

The Water Max offers some exciting features in a time-based irrigation and misting control system. Twelve individual stations may be individually set for operation times, watering days, and repeat functions. The propagation mist adjustments include separate start and stop times, as well as on and off times for complete mist cycle operations.

  • Twelve independent stations
  • Timed operations with internal digital clock
  • Data Sheet
  • Manual

Water Plus VPD – Irrigation and Misting

The Water Plus is an affordable choice for basic VPD ( vapor pressure deficit ) irrigation and watering. A precise VPD sensor comes with each system. Simply set the target values, and the Water Plus will do the rest. The Water Plus is an economical solutions for many growers who want the benefits of VPD irrigation and misting.

  • Economical VPD irrigation and misting
  • Twelve independent stations
  • Data Sheet

Mini Mist – Irrigation and Misting

The Mini Mist offers the same features of the Water Max system, but in a smaller version. Two independent station outputs may be used for any combination of irrigation or misting. A perfect solution for smaller installations.

Remote Monitoring

Growlink “Point, Click and Grow”

Take precision control of your entire greenhouse zones one step further by adding on the Growlink program. From the convenience of your office, home, or anywhere that you travel, you will be able to monitor your entire greenhouse operation. You may also change any of the control parameters remotely from your PC with a very easy to use “point and click” method. A wealth of information gathered by each Growmaster Series control system is captured for further review and analysis. Generate color graphs or spreadsheets of your sensor readings and equipment positions. You may even export all of the collected data to other programs such as Excel. The Growlink program is shipped to you with all custom screens created just for your own operations. Screen additions and changes are very easy and quick. The Growlink system works with any version of Microsoft Windows®, and will connect to our Growmaster Procom, Growcom, Water Pro, and Weathermaster control systems.

  • Full color screens and easy to use “Point and Click” interface
  • Works with all versions of Microsoft Windows®
  • Incorporate digital photographs of your own greenhouse ranges
  • Export your greenhouse data to Excel and other programs
  • View and change settings from your office, home or anywhere
  • Shipped completely programmed and ready to use
  • Manual

Micro Grow Greenhouse Accessories

Micro Grow can supply all of your greenhouse needs for equipment switching. From our heavy-duty line of vent and shade motors and controls, to our custom equipment switching cabinets, to a full alarm system, we have the complete line. Also available is an industrial rated stand alone alarm system that will constantly monitor your greenhouse environment and call pre-selected telephone numbers with a recorded message in the event of occurrences such as extreme temperatures, or a power outage. You will find the same commitment to quality and reliability throughout the entire Micro Grow line of products.

Vent / Shade Controls

Heavy duty motor reversing switching, overload protection, and a complete lighted status panel for all power and limit operations, add up to the best choice available for a vent or shade motor control box. These units are available for all makes and models, all voltages, and all wiring configurations of any motor and gearbox combination. These controls are enclosed in a non-metallic enclosure, with a full weatherproof gasket. A front panel mounted selector switch allows manual or automatic operation. Built to UL and CSA specifications, listed and labeled.

  • All motor makes and models
  • UL and CSA listed
  • Lighted status indicators for all power and limits
  • Internal motor overload protection

Vent / Shade Motors and Gearboxes

We always have the right motor and gearbox available for your application. We carry several makes and models in stock at all times. From a small single vent or roll up curtain, to a large extra heavy-duty shade system, we can deliver the exact solution for your particular installation requirement.

  • UL and CSA listed
  • Internal limit switches
  • Heavy-duty construction

Automated Alarm and Dialer

Protect your valuable investment with a Micro Grow Automated Alarm System. This system constantly monitors the high and low temperature in your greenhouse ranges, in addition to power outage. Calls five seperate phone numbers. Add on zones as you need them.

  • Completely stand alone system
  • Dials over regular phone lines
  • Battery backed, industrial rated alarm system
  • Manual

Custom Built Equipment Switching Cabinets

Direct connect your exhaust fans, HAF fans, pumps, heaters, vent and shade controls, and virtually any greenhouse equipment to any Micro Grow control product. Includes all load contractors and relays required for a complete and full installation. Also includes a complete sensor connection diagram designed specifically for your project. All switching apparatus is enclosed in a NEMA 12 non-metallic enclosure with a full gasket.

  • Custom built for your own project
  • UL and CSA listed panel
  • Complete custom drawings included

General Controls

We carry a complete line of popular general commercial building grade controllers for the smaller grower and boiler heating controls. The listing below provides devices that are most commonly used. Please contact our office for complete product listings and or questions and availability.

  • Coiled bulb temperature heating T’stats ( Line and Low voltage ) – Penn and White Rodgers
  • Coiled bulb temperature cooling T’stats  ( Line and Low Voltage ) – Penn and White Rodgers
  • Boiler Aquastats/ Remote bulb controller – Honeywell / Carrier and Penn
  • Electronic Multistage Heating/Cooling/Humidification Controllers – Honeywell
  • Unit Heater High Limits – Honeywell ( most common types )
  • Electronic multistage indoor/outdoor boiler controls – Techmar